Don’t Fall Victim To These 5 App Development Myths

Don’t Fall Victim to These 5 App Development Myths

App development is easy – said no one ever. That’s a myth. And so are a number of other things you’ve probably heard about app development before. Just like everything else in this world, app development too has its set of myths, and you are better off busting them before you start on your app. So let’s quickly jump into the most popular myths about app development that can effectively ruin your business if you fall into their trap:

Launch Only When your App is Perfect

A lot of people believe that your app must be absolutely flawless, and loaded with every big feature before you launch it. Perfect is overrated, especially so in apps. If you wait around to launch your app when it’s absolutely flawless, you might end up waiting too long and falling way behind the competition. Also, you will end up spending a fortune.

The truth is, you need to nail an MVP (minimum viable product) and get it out as soon as technically possible. Once your app is really out there and in the hands of users, only then will you really know what works and what needs work. Collect feedback from real users and use that to improve your app and release updates. Let your app grow. Working in isolation until you think your app is perfect, may not really yield a truly good app.  Actually understanding how users interact with it is the only way you’ll know how to make it better.

Also, app making is expensive (we’ll get to that in a moment), so spending a fortune on building a fully loaded feature rich app might be a risk. Launching an MVP, on the other hand, costs less and actually opens the doors to revenue, so that money can be used to better the app.

App Development is Too Expensive/Cheap

Yep, they are both myths, and they are both popular, among different groups of people. So let’s tackle them one by one.

If your business needs an app – which it probably does – but you’ve been putting it away because you’re worried it’s too expensive, you shouldn’t. Yes, it costs a lot of money, I admit. But when done well, an app ends up making more money and paying for itself several times over, in the long run. There are ways to keep the costs in check and developing an app on a budget. So you should never deprive your business of an app just for the fear of it being too expensive.

If you’re hastily ready to jump into app development and are under an impression that there are a ton of platforms that can churn out apps for free, or minimal cost, hold your horses my friend. You too, need to look before you leap. Sure there are platforms, but not all of them guarantee a quality product. And a bad app will end up costing your business in more ways than one. The promise of a free or overly cheap app shouldn’t be the reason you rush into app development. You must carefully deliberate why you want an app, and then ensure that it is developed with a proper plan and by talented, experienced developers. Even if using templates or no-code platforms, you must do your research and ensure proper quality.

Created An App Means Jobs Done

Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Getting the app to work is only half the job done. Making the app work for your business requires a lot more effort pre and post launch. You need to optimize the app for discoverability, promote the app, ensure good ratings, respond to reviews, release updates and fix bugs all the time. You need to procure user feedback and incorporate it. You need monitor analytics and identify trends, as well as discover areas that need improvement. You have to make sure your app grows and evolves with the users and their ever-evolving preferences.

App Starts Pouring Money Overnight

Well, not necessarily. Nothing happens overnight unless you are Sarahah and have gone viral overnight. Most other apps need to put in consistent efforts and persist, for they will reach their goals steadily, but perhaps slowly. Rome wasn’t built in a day. So don’t get impatient and most importantly, don’t lose heart when you don’t achieve the results instantly. The app economy is challenging environment to thrive in. just the top 1% of all apps on the App Store make 94% of the total revenue. That’s enough to tell you that the middle class in app economy is small and shrinking. So you must bank on long-term success and keep on doing the right things that include updating, promoting and re-inventing your app.

I Want an App Because Everyone Has it

This could be deemed the worst myth of them all. If you are feeling the urge to create an app just because that seems to be the general hotpot these days, chances are that your main driving force is the fear of missing out and not a clearly defined business goal. Do understand that developing an app requires a significant investment of time, money and resources. So unless you have done your research and concluded that an app is the right solution for your business, think twice about making a commitment. Set realistic goals first and then envision your plan of action. Only then will you be able to give an app what it takes and in turn, achieve with it what you should.


One list cannot possibly cover all the myths that plague the topic of app development. But if I just say, set your goals, do your research and proceed with the right amount of preparation, that should help you steer clear of most of the problems one can face during the course of developing a mobile app. Always remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Instead, choose the route of balance and persistence. And if you still hit any roadblocks, we’re right around the corner. Leave us a comment and the community will jump right in. I will leave you with the words of Scott Belsky from Behance – It’s not about great ideas. It’s about making great ideas happen.

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