5 Undeniable Reasons White Label App Development Is More Profitable Than Custom Apps

Custom app development is great, no doubt. But so is a Ferrari.

The problem? Not everyone can afford them.

White label app development is a way for small and medium businesses to add a mobile app to their suite, without having to spend an extravagant sum of money.

So if you are a mobile app reseller who wants to build cost-effective apps for clients, or a marketer hoping to add mobile apps to your suite of services, you should consider partnering with a reliable white label app development company. For more reasons why, check out this great post by BiznessApps.

These companies have highly experienced developers and designers who can develop great quality apps without any branding. They do the backend, coding and design, creating apps in swift turnaround times and remarkably affordable prices.

Once they do that, you can buy that app, personalise the design and branding of it, and sell it to your clients. That’s how you become a mobile app reseller and stand to build a successful business selling apps, without ever having to code.

Reselling white-label apps have several advantages over building them yourself. That’s what we are going to talk about today. Here are all the reasons why partnering with white label app developers to provide apps to your clients is better than developing apps yourself. So let’s dive right in.

1. No Need to Learn Coding

You are reading this article, which means you are clearly enamored by the burgeoning app economy. You realize that an increasing number of small businesses are looking to add a mobile app to their business offerings. Be it for improved customer support or adding an additional revenue channel, mobile apps are indispensable to the business.

Undoubtedly, selling apps to these small businesses at competitive prices is good business. And whit a good white label app development company backing you up, you can easily sell apps to a number of businesses without having to write one line of code.

If you choose the right white label app developer to do the coding for you, you can actually build quality apps that rival custom apps on all levels. This would allow you to target sophisticated businesses that want quality apps. Equipped with adequate knowledge and research about your client, you can personalise the app to reflect not only their branding but also their business aesthetics and voice.

You get to spend more time acquiring clients and helping them grow their business with your apps, instead of spending your days behind a laptop writing code.

Even Young Entrepreneur Council on Forbes agrees that A White Label Solution is Easier than Building your Own.

2. Spend More Time Networking and Expanding Your Clientele

Ask any app developer and you’ll see that they struggle to take out time for marketing.

Building great apps involves a tedious attention to detail, involving best practices for writing clean code, improvising, iterating and innovating. With so much on their plates already, developers have no time left to do the one thing that really brings in the clients – marketing.

As a reseller who doesn’t have to code, you can spend your time prospecting new businesses every day, convincing them to buy your app. You get to look for clients who need apps, network with SMB’s, sell new businesses on the idea of using apps to grow their business and so much more. 

Higher the number of clients you have, the higher the number of clients you acquire, the higher your earnings from reselling apps.

With white label app development, you get to expand your market and sell to more businesses, making more money in the process.

3. White Label App Development Is Cheaper Than Custom App Development

If you wanted to build each app you sell to your clients, you’d need to hire designers, quality analysts and project managers. And all this if you yourself are willing to code. If not, hiring a coder who can keep up with your client’s demand can further add to the cost of hiring a full-fledged app development team.

Custom app development with an in-house development team can cost tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars for a medium-feature app. Unless you’re being funded by Bill Gates himself, spending that sort of money is difficult.

Further, after building such an app, you would obviously need to sell it at higher prices to the clients, so as to recover your expenses and pay your team. Finding clients willing to pay significantly higher for a mobile app is obviously harder than finding clients for a more affordable white-label app.

2020 has been a game-changer of a year. With the pandemic gripping the world, people who never shopped online became exclusive digital customers, buying everything online. Any retailer who could provide an online shopping facility instantly became the preferred seller over others.

This shift to digital has thrown the market wide open for exaggerated app adoption, with even your neighborhood shop lining up for a mobile app to keep its customers.

Needless to say not all these shops. Retailers and businesses can afford expensive custom apps.

By reselling white-label apps, you can appeal to this broad and diverse ecosystem of small businesses just stepping into the world of mobile apps. You can provide them affordable mobile apps personalized to each client.

4. Custom App Development Comes With Far Too Many Administrative Challenges

Unless you are that rare breed of genius that can design apps, write code and handle everything else app development entails, you will need to do too many logistically challenging chores.

If you wish to build apps for clients yourself, you need to dive into recruitment, and do a really good job of it. You need to hire people with diverse skills like designing, developing, testing and management.

You need to either buy/rent a place for your office, or manage the perils of remote teams.

You need to work on constantly upskilling yourself and your team, stay updated on app design and development trends, and much more. The schooling won’t stop.

Dividing your time and energies into developing and marketing can be extremely conflicting.

With a well-established white label app development company that has solely built apps for years, you can cut out all these hassles and simply serve your clients and make money.

For millennia, businessmen have worked on the concept of value-added goods and services.

They let the manufacturers produce the core product, and use their marketing prowess and people skills to make that core product more valuable to clients, thus bringing in a lot more money.

That is just what you do with reselling white-label apps.

5. Be More Versatile

Developing apps yourself can often lead to becoming confined to a particular niche or market. You can invest all your skill and energy into building one or two kinds of apps. But rarely more.

Say you develop eCommerce apps and get quite good at it. You may come across a client who needs an internal communications app for their company, or a SaaS app or a B2B app. You may find yourself in uncharted territory here and start second-guessing your commitment to this business.

Having a professional app development company with long and diverse experience will help you confidently negotiate all these clients and more.

Whatever the requirement, whatever the business model, you can promise them a fantastic app and actually deliver on your promise.


To sum up, if marketing and reselling is where your strengths lie, you really shouldn’t be spending your life behind a computer writing code, just so your clients would have an app.

White label app development has become a large, highly versatile industry that makes affordable apps that are beautiful, functional and robust. With the degree of personalization that modern white-label apps come with, you can truly give your clients a highly sophisticated app that looks and works at the highest standards, all while giving them a very affordable price.

Looking for a white label app developer who’s that good?

Just a hint, we’re sure Moveoapps will check all those boxes for you. Get in touch today for the most committed white label app development for your clients.







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