4 Traits That Differentiate Awesome White Label App Developers from the Rest

Are you a mobile app reseller looking to give your clients a high quality mobile app to add value to their marketing suite?

Are you looking for a reliable white label app developer who can give you a remarkable app, built to perfectly meet your client’s expectations?

The burgeoning startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem is fuelling the need for mobile apps as a means of improved customer relationship. White label app development has emerged as a uniquely viable solution for a number of these startups, allowing them to have an app of their own, one that they can personalize to their branding without paying the exorbitant price of custom app development.

The fact that custom app development can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 and more can really throw a spanner in the works for most of us.

White label apps offer a crisp solution to this problem. White label app developers build apps that carry no branding from them and can be fully personalized to your client’s business. You, as an app reseller, can then sell this ready app to your client, helping them strengthen their marketing suite and affirming their digital presence.  

Are they as good as custom app developers?

Will my white label app look completely my own and not resemble a knock-off?

Yes and yes.

If you choose the right white label app developer, you will get yourself a perfectly amazing app that you won’t be able to tell apart from a custom app. Having done their research and aligned development with your client’s business goal, this developer will give you an app that your client will love.

This white label app developer will also let you resell the app as your own, handing over complete rights and leaving no traces of their own branding on the app, so they belong to you and your client for all intents and purposes.

So who is the right white label app developer? What are some of the things they do differently to make sure your app doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter solution?

That’s what I’m going to tell you today. We’re going to talk about the things you need to look out for in your white label app development partner. Here are the 4 things that differentiate the truly exceptional white label app developers from the rest:


1. They Understand the Client’s Business Model

Instead of developing a cookie cutter template app that looks as generic as a stock logo, good white label app developers take the time to understand the client you’re building the app for.

The client’s business model needs to be accounted for when building an app. Your average run-of-the-mill white label resellers may not do that. But that is how you end up with a bland soup, even though the ingredients are all there.

Cooking – I mean developing – an app, must always be aligned to the way the client does business. Is the client a retailer with brick-and-mortar presence, who is segueing into online sales? Because that is going to need a different type of app than for someone who is an online-only SaaS service provider.

You need to look for white label app developers who have a history of developing apps closely aligned to the client’s business model.

Talk to these developers about how they go about the development process and watch out for the part where they assure you that they are committed to doing client research.

Watch out for developers who ask you intelligent questions about the client and their business when you are talking to them. That’s a sign of their commitment to customization.


2. They Research the Client’s Target Audience

Having made sure they know the client’s business goals, a good white label app developer would make a genuine effort to understand the end user – the client’s target audience.

You really can’t get too far developing an app when you don’t know who you’re doing it for. User profiling and personas help shape the app experience you build. Knowing everything about the end users is crucial to creating a rich and engaging UX that gets the job done.

An average white label app development company might get away with building a one-size-fits-all ecommerce app that has everything from product listings to payments page.

An awesome white label app development company on the other hand, will go all the way with their user research. Some of the ways they could do this are:

Marketing Personas

It will create marketing personas – fictional representations of target users – defining every aspect of their life, just to get a clear idea of what this person likes and dislikes. This greatly helps design the app around the user’s life and visualize how the use would interact with the app.

Market Research

In addition to user personas, the app developer would also perform market research to discover everything there is to know about the users – their demographics such as age, gender and interests as well as their interactions with the apps of similar nature.

Competitor Research

Talking of apps of similar nature, a great white label app developer would do competitor research to see what kind of apps the target users are currently using a lot of, to get a feel of the users’ taste and preferences.

User Surveys

It isn’t surprising at all if your truly reliable white label app developer takes the time to perform user surveys to get to know their end-users better.


3. They Personalize

White label apps are designed to create cost-effective app development solutions for companies, wherein the original developers do not stamp their branding on the app, or claim any rights to it post hand-over.

However, this does not mean that white label apps need to be generic, bland, template-based apps.

A good app developer would, based on the research we did in the above two points, personalize the white label app to a point where it reflects the client’s branding and

 A good app developer would, based on the research we did in the above two points, personalize the white label app to a point where it reflects the client’s branding and their target audience’s preferences. 

Keeping the demographics of the audience in mind, the developer would choose appropriate colors, layouts and integrations. 

Younger audiences need swift navigation and social media integrations. Apps targeted to senior audiences need easy interfaces, simplified navigation and bigger buttons. 

A good white label app developer would beat all these in mind and develop an app that when used, feels like it was custom built for each user. 


4. They Plan for Post-Deployment App Maintenance

One of the major concerns surrounding white label app development is post-deployment services. What if the app has a bug? What when there’s an update required? How will any technical service requests be handled? 

So when you look out for a white label app development partner, one who won’t let you down before your clients, be sure to enquire about their post-deployment services. 

Do they provide all-inclusive maintenance services for a certain period of time? How do they handle bugs and updates? Do they hand over the code in case the client decides to have an in-house team handle the app maintenance in the future? 

A good white label app developer would have feasible appropriations for all these concerns, ensuring that you and your client face no troubles whatsoever. 



When you are an app reseller working between a client and a white label app development company, your credibility with your client depends on how good a job the white label developer does. The only surefire way to ensure your client’s happiness is to begin well. 

Choosing the right white label app development partner will make all the difference in the end product. It will save you long hours of micro-managing and frustrating reviews. 

So be sure to do your homework and spend some time choosing only the best white label app developer for your client. Once you’ve conquered that checkpoint, the rest would be easy.

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