7 Mobile App Analytics Tools to Powerpack Your App Marketing

7 Mobile App Analytics Tools to Powerpack your App Marketing Campaig

Movies have it easy. Box office collections are a perfectly good measure of their success and profits. Mobile apps on the other hand, are much harder to take stock of. Their success isn’t always measured by just revenue. There are far too many metrics to take into account. You want to know how many people downloaded your app, how many of them signed in, how many stayed for 48 hours, a week or a month? You want to find average revenue per user and lifetime revenue per user. You want to know why people are uninstalling your app so you can fix those problems. You want to track every possible detail that will help you understand your users; their behavior, likes, wants and needs, basically everything that will help you know them better and increase engagement. And that is why you need a truly proficient analytics service.

The right analytics service will help you streamline the reams of data coming from multiple sources and crunch the numbers skillfully to extract actionable insights. And with the wide gamut of metrics that need to be tracked in a mobile app, choosing the right service is even more important. There are a number of services available and for the uninitiated, zeroing in on anyone can be a tall order. We’ve compiled a list right here to help you discover all the various options available and decide which one is perfect for your mobile app.

1. Flurry Analytics

One of the few mobile app analytics services that are entirely free without any data limits, Flurry Analytics takes a prized spot on among developers. Created by the Yahoo Developer Network, it allows monitoring data from up to 5 apps at a time. With the help of machine learning applied to demographic data, Flurry Analytics helps identify user segments by age, gender and other parameters. This then enables the monitoring of data such as app usage, install dates, acquisition channels, location, language and app versions classified by the user segments. In fact, flurry can identify user personas such as sports fans, fitness enthusiasts, new moms, pet owners, small business owners, lifestyle aficionados and many others, allowing app makers to really personalize their campaigns.

2. App Annie

Another massively popular analytics and ranking platform out there, App Annie’s reputation speaks for itself. In a nutshell, App Annie is an app ranking, analytics and market intelligence platform, with a primary focus on games and apps. It offers app makers a single Analytics Dashboard that tracks app data across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon. It sends daily and weekly emails and app store reports to help keep you updated. Another exceptional feature is the customized App Store Optimization strategies it offers based on your app’s data trends, complete with suggesting keywords. It lets you monitor the success of your different campaigns and compare revenue to optimize future marketing strategy.

3. Countly

Countly is an open source analytics platform allowing you to track a range of crucial metrics including user actions, custom events and internal errors. It lets you know everything about your users, enabling you to extract a very well-rounded picture of your users’ behavior and how they are using your app.

The great thing about Countly is that it is stationed on the server side instead of the client side. This makes it better than many browser based analytics tools, because it stays unaffected by extensions such as ad-blockers, allowing you to gather data uninterrupted. From crash alerts on your email to event analytics and plugins, Countly has it all.

4. Localytics

Localytics is definitely one of the highly popular app marketing and analytics platforms out there. it packs in some powerful tools in a single platform. In addition to the full stack app analytics tools, another feature Localytics is much loved for is its engage and re-engage capabilities. With the help of targeted in-app messaging and push messages, Localytics lets you re-engage users who have uninstalled your app, as well as incentivize those who have stopped using the app, to give it a second look.

Localytics’ real-time engagement analysis and funnel management allow you to closely observe user behavior and identify trends. This helps you convert visitors into new users and new users into loyal, long-time users. For those who’d like to take things a step further, you can subscribe to premium services too. Also enticing is the fact that with its easy setup SDK, Localytics can be installed and activated in under 10 minutes.

5. Appsee

Appsee is a great qualitative analytics tool for mobile apps, providing a visual layer to help you see and monitor user behavior in an extremely nuanced manner, illustrated with user recordings and touch heatmaps. It offers real-time in-app analytics, crash recordings, conversion funnels and actionable insights. In addition, it helps you auto-detect UI problems such as unresponsive taps, swipes or pinches, allowing you to better optimize your UI. With its easy setup and integration, Appsee is ready to go in minutes.

6. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a visitor analytics tool for mobile as well as website, aimed at SMBs and enterprises. It is a tool that provides you more than just page views and traffic flow recordings. With the help of nuanced user segmentation, Mixpanel really helps you drill down the impact of all your marketing channels and get a well rounded understanding of each marketing channel. Mixpanel’s real-time user engagement monitoring along with tracking movements, views, likes, shares and purchases allows you to understand trends in user engagement.

7. Apsalar

Apsalar is a complete mobile app analytics solution that enables you to monitor user activity across multiple apps with no limit, and extract real-time cohorts and user engagement statistics. Developed with the most sophisticated app marketers in mind, Apsalar offers more than just total number of downloads and installs. It offers detailed observations and insights thanks to its specialized tools, and even lets your team access comprehensive documentation. It has been lauded in the community for its high uptime and low platform latency, making it one of the most reliable tools out there.


App analytics aren’t a premium add on for app marketers anymore. Analytics are the very life-blood of your app marketing endeavors and to assist you with them, you need the most reliable analytics tool by your side. This list should serve as a great starting point for your research, allowing you to compare features and prices against your business goals and determine which is the best mobile app analytics platform for your app.

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